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…during the Mesozoic era, all the lands of the world were stuck together in one giant supercontinent called Pangaea. A huge superocean called Panthalassa filled the rest of the globe.

The land was covered in lush jungles and dry deserts. A kingdom of reptiles - dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs - ruled the lands, skies and seas.

Pangea existed for a 100 million years.

Little by little, the stirring tectonic plates caused it to break apart. The pieces of the supercontinent set out on their journey to where we find them today.

The Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era had begun.

Dinosaurs spread throughout the planet atop the drifting continents. As continents moved around the globe, a diversity of new environments emerged. Climate changed.

This meant a different weather, and so a different way of life. Along with the changing world around them, dinosaurs too were changing.

We call this kind of change evolution…


A cinematic experience depicting an ever changing planet sets the mood of the journey. An immersive time tunnel invites the visitors to explore the Earth 66 million years ago.


Sea levels rose. The Atlantic Ocean began to form. The first and biggest ever marine turtles emerged. The long-necked plesiosaurs gave way to the giant, snakelike mosasaurs.

The Ancient turtle and the Mosasaur are the heroes of this part of the journey. Their story is told through immersive projection and life size animatronics.

Interactive games further explore the individual story of seven ancient marine animals and the world they lived in.      


Heavy rains made the lands more humid. The very first flowers in the world bloomed. A dinosaur the size of a small child evolved into a giant super predator. The first of the Tyrannosaurus Rex was born.

Along with others like the Velociraptor and the giant winged Pteranodon, the mighty T-rex makes several appearances in the immersive jungle.

Interactive games furthers explore the individual story of seven ancient animals and the world they lived in. 


Not all could adapt to the new world and many kinds of dinosaurs disappeared.

The fall of the dinosaur reign had already begun. A sudden outer space attack devastated life on Earth.

While this time meant the end for so many, their absence left space for others to grow. A few dinosaurs had survived.

66 million years later, they are still among us today.

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